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Inserting a New Thesis in the APICe Space

Warning: Sorry, the insertion of new theses is not an operation available to external viewers

How To

In order to add a new thesis in English to the APICe space, you should first choose a name for your document, write it in the text field above (“ThesisDocName”), then click the left-side button (“Insert New Thesis in English”). This generates a new document in the “Theses” space, named after the name chosen, and ready to be filled with the thesis's information.
Warning: In order to insert a new thesis in Italian, instead, click on the link below the text field

The preferred scheme for the name of a new “Thesis” document is made by the surname of the candidate, followed by the main theme, plus two or four digits for the year, in case the thesis is either ongoing or completed. In case the thesis is just available (then, the candidate name is not known, yet), the main theme plus the current year in two or four digits is the preferred name.

Please remember that:
  • the name you choose is the name of the web resource — the document in the XWiki framework, the page in the classic Web jargon
  • it should follow the Java Class naming convention — CamelCase, UpperCase Initials

So for instance the document in the “Theses” Space for the thesis “Simulation of Kangaroo's Jumps” in 2008 by Francesco Pastrone should be named “PastroneKangaroosim08”, or the like.

How are theses represented in APICe?

In case you are new to this procedure, you may choose to take a look to the List of Fields page, where the goal and meaning of all the fields of a Thesis record are explained.