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Inserting a New Course in the APICe Space

Warning: Sorry, the insertion of new courses is not an operation available to external viewers

How To

In order to add a new course in English to the APICe space, you should first choose a name for your document, write it in the text field above (“CourseDocName”), then click the left-side button (“Insert New Course in English”). This generates a new document in the “Courses” space, named after the name chosen, and ready to be filled with the course's information.
Warning: In order to insert a new course in Italian, instead, click on the link below the text field

The preferred scheme for a new “Course” document typically starts with the acronym of the course title, followed by the qualifying letters (if any), and by the academical year in 4-digit form (e.g., 0809, 1213).

Please remember that:
  • the name you choose is the name of the web resource — the document in the XWiki framework, the page in the classic Web jargon
  • it should follow the Java Class naming convention — CamelCase, UpperCase Initials

So for instance the document for the course “Sistemi Multi-Agente LS” of the A.Y. 2007-2008 should be named “SmaLs0708”.