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APICe Theses

Research in the APICe lab is neatly integrated with the teaching activities carried out at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Cesena and Bologna. One of the main tools of integration is represented by theses, where students of the last year can put themselves to test by autonomously exploring technically-challenging fields, often characterised by some degree of scientific pertinence.

This space is then devoted to the theses proposed and supervised by the members of APICe, and contains a relevant number of the theses developed in collaboration with APICe researchers in the last years in Cesena and Bologna. The goals of this space are the following:

  • to keep track of all the theses developed in APICe;
  • to show ongoing thesis activities;
  • to display the activities of interest for APICe in the form of available theses;
  • to fully support the interaction between students developing a thesis and their supervisors.
While the structure of this space space is likely to develop in time, it now contains a record of