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SAPERE WP1 Meeting


Wednesday 11/5/2011, 14:00 - 18:00


DEIS Cesena, via Venezia 52, Meeting Room, Ground Floor


  1. Elena Nardini (UNIBO)
  2. Mirko Viroli (UNIBO)
  3. Andrea Omicini (UNIBO)
  4. Sara Montagna (UNIBO)
  5. Danilo Pianini (UNIBO)
  6. Graeme Stevenson (STA)


This meeting was aimed at developing ideas for RDF-based technologies to implement LSA/eco-laws framework, based on the model of eco-laws described in a recent technical report TR.WP1.2011.2.pdf. This meeting was preceded by some days of joint work of Elena and Graeme, and was followed by a social dinner.

Mirko, Elena and Graeme discussions on SPARQL

We initially started a subgroup discussion deepening our understanding of how OWL ontologies, RDF documents, and SPARQL queries could eneter the picture of the LSA/eco-law framework

Elena and Graeme technical developments

Based on the above-mentioned TR, Elena and Graeme wrote down possible SPARQL queries to model some eco-laws. The main idea was to encode an eco-law into a sequence of queries and a subsequent sequence of updates. Constructs to clone LSAs and handle multi-valued properties may be tricky: they need special queries per se.

Joint discussions

All participants discussed the outcomes of the whole meeting.

  • Mirko recapped the main ideas behind the TR, shading light to the proposed eco-laws model
  • A brief discussion followed with questions and suggesting connections with other frameworks, such as linear logics
  • Graeme explained the proposed translation into SPARQL