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Wednesday 1/12/2010, 11:00 - 13:00


DEIS Bologna, viale Risorgimento 2, Omicini's Room, 1st floor


  1. Gabriella Castelli (UNIMORE)
  2. Andrea Omicini (UNIBO)
  3. Franco Zambonelli (UNIMORE)


This meeting was aimed at settling some initial issues concerning collaboration and processes within SAPERE, defore the management document is released by the coordinator.

Procedure for deliverables

  • Andrea's contribution revised by Franco and Gabriella
  • Agreement on final version
  • Andrea's activity

Procedure for technical reports

  • Cover from deliverable
  • Article style for the rest
  • Andrea's activity

Web sites in SAPERE

  • Fast track for essential information
    • Suitable access points from SAPERE Home to SAPERE Wiki for partners
    • Fast link to Acknoledgements
  • Individual access for those who ask (Andrea asks)
  • Multi-site organisation
  • Gabriella's activity

Continuous logging

  • Strategy and mechanisms for encouraging continuous logging by participants
    • Fast link to logging into Wiki for logging
    • Few info, possibly including a link to the local site
    • Centralised publication of selected logs in the SAPERE Home
  • December document by Franco
  • Gabriella's activity

Procedure for meetings and conferences

  • To be made clear by Franco by means of its Management Document
  • Franco's activity