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Tuesday 08/11/2011, 15:00 - 17:00


DEIS Cesena, via Venezia 52, Meeting Room, 2nd floor


  1. Pedro Pablo González Pérez
  2. Sara Montagna
  3. Andrea Omicini
  4. Danilo Pianini
  5. Alessandro Ricci
  6. Mirko Viroli

Intro (by Mirko)

  • Mirko briefly presented the SAPERE project.
  • Alessandro asked about the eternity and the layering, Mirko replied that we are still searching for the basic laws.
  • Alessandro asked about rewriting systems, Mirko said it is still similar to a multiset rewriting system, but some work is ongoing, in particolar with regards with rates.
  • Mirko asked Alessandro if the requirements are clear enough, and if there are other ways to get to the same results. Alessandro said it would be interesting to survey on the existing approaches for context awareness and make comparisons. Mirko said that for sure there is no self-organisation.
  • Andrea highlighted that the stronger point of SAPERE is the simplicity and the olistic approach.
  • Pablo introduced the chemical affinity concept, and asked if the metaphore that better fits the SAPERE model is whether chemical or biochemical.

D1.1 (by Mirko)

  • Mirko presented the current WP1 status, showing the model, its semantics, its proposed syntax and the translation in RDF.
  • Alessandro asked about the event support. Mirko said that the observe could be both an explicit act or a notification.