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Friday 17/12/2010, 10:00 - 12:00


DEIS Cesena, via Venezia 52, Meeting Room, 2nd floor


  1. Matteo Casadei
  2. Ambra Molesini (on video conference, from Bologna)
  3. Elena Nardini
  4. Andrea Omicini
  5. Mirko Viroli

Bio-inspiration (by Matteo)

  • Matteo reported on an activity which identifies bio-inspired mechanisms applicable to pervasive computing. We discussed a possible outline of a paper, elaborating on several details about the paper organization. This has been done also considering the existing collaboration with Geneva -- Matteo also discussed the paper they submitted.

Report on AWARE meeting (by Andrea)

  • Description of what is AWARE, a coordination action for the AWARENESS initiative in FP7 -- self-awareness is a keyword for few years from now.
  • Its goal is to coordinate the projects in the AWARENESS initiative.
  • Andrea briefly described other projects, and perspectives of future collaborations
  • After discussion, it is agreed that active participation to AWARE events — such as the Summer School — will be the key to foster our productivity and visibility in the AWARE context.

Activities of WP6 (by Andrea)

  • Andrea reported on today's communications by Franco. Focus is on
    • Activity logging. Everything relevant should be logged on the SAPERE/AWARE site
    • Deliverables and technical reports. The templates and LaTeX class styles are already online, both on the SAPERE site and on the APICE SAPERE subspace
  • All members of UNIBO should read what is published in SAPERE wiki, under WP6 page. Also in APICE site

Model vs Infrastructure: wrap up (shared discussion)

  • Discussion about a recent thesis about a prototype infrastructure
  • Discussion about developing TuCSoN towards SAPERE

Organization towards M4 (shared discussion)

  • Matteo will organize the logistics aspects of the trip to Geneva
  • Mirko will work on the short report during Xmas vacation