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RBAC-MAS & SODA: Experimenting RBAC in AOSE

Ambra Molesini, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
Role-Based Access Control models are currently considered as the most effective approach for engineering access control systems. In this paper we experiment their application in the context of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), by discussing the design of an access control system with an agent-oriented methodology such as SODA. In particular, we show how a clear separation between mechanisms and policies can be achieved by organising the access control system along two layered sub-systems, and discuss the advantages of such an approach.

Keywords: RBAC; RBAC-MAS; SODA; Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
Engineering Societies in the Agents World IX, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5485, pages 69-84, June 2009.
Alexander Artikis, Gauthier Picard, Laurent Vercouter (eds.), Springer
9th International Workshop (ESAW'08), 24-26 September 2008, Saint-√Čtienne, France. Revised Selected Papers
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