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1st International Conference on Multiagent Systems

Victor R. Lesser, Les Gasser (eds.)
The first international conference on multiagent systems is organized as a joint effort of the North American Distributed Artificial Intelligence community, the Japanese Multiagent and Cooperative Computing community, and the European Modeling Autonomous Agents in a Multiagent World community, with support from AAAI and sanctioned by ECCAI. The Proceedings cover a broad spectrum of perspectives including artificial life, communications issues, and negotiation strategies. Topics cover :
  • Agent Architectures.
  • Artificial Life (from a multiagent perspective).
  • Believable Agents.- Cooperation, Coordination, and Conflict.
  • Communcation Issues.- Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations of Multiagent Systems.
  • Development and Engineering Methodologies.- Distributed Artificial Intelligence.
  • Distributed Consensus and Algorithms for Multiagent Interaction.
  • Distributed Search.
  • Evaluation of Multiagent Systems.- Integrated Testbeds and Development Environments.
  • Intelligent Agents in Enterprise Integration Systems and Similar Types of Applications.
  • Learning and Adaptation in Multiagent Systems.
  • Multiagent Cooperative Reasoning from Distributed Heterogeneous Databases.
  • Multiagent Planning and Planning for Multiagent Worlds.
  • Negotiation Strategies (in both competitive and cooperative situations).
  • Organization, Organizational Knowledge, and Organization Self-Design.
  • Practical Applications of Multiagent Systems (enterprises, robotics, sensing, manufacturing).
  • Resource Allocation in Multiagent Systems.
  • Social Structures and their Signfiicance in Multiagent Systems.
  • User Interface Issues for Multiagent Systems.
ICMAS, 12-14 June 1995, AAAI Press, San Francisco, CA, USA
ICMAS 1995. Proceedings
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