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Mirko Viroli's Journal & Series Index

The following page indexes Mirko Viroli's publications in the APICe space by journal & series. Currently, the APICe space contains 151 Mirko Viroli's publications on 63 journals and series.

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A [top]
AAMAS '19 Field Calculus AAMAS2019
ACM International Conference Proceeding Simpa Pppj07
ACM SIGPLAN Notices Generics Oopsla2000 | Polymorphism Ooplsa2007
ACM Trans. Auton. Adapt. Syst. Special Issue TAAS2014
ACM Transaction on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems TAAS2017
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems Spatial Taas11
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic Field Calculus TOCL2019
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation TOMACS2018
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems Generics Toplas28
AI*IA Notizie Obs Aiia2001
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing Overview Aaecc16 | Rbacmas Aaecc16
Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal Acc Aai20 | Coord Aai18 | Observation Aai16 | Rbacmas Aai21
Applied Computing Review Ehealth Acr11
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Artifacts Jaamas17 | Cartago Jaamas23 | Envinfra Jaamas14
C [top]
CEUR Workshop Proceedings Collectivesort Eumas06 | Collectivesort Woa06 | Iot Woa2017 | Mgdemo Woa2006 | Minority Game Woa06 | Pianini Woa2011 | Sapere Woa2011 | Simpaws Woa06 | Sosc Woa2010 | fluidwareaxia2019
Communications in Computer and Information Science Artifacts Calculus SDT2011 | Field Calculus FOCLASA2013
Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems Simulationformal Massimulationbook09
Computer Computer2015
E [top]
ECSA '19 Field Calculus App BDVA2019
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Acc Entcs85 | Agensfaber Entcs150 | CDRVEntcs2006 | Collectivesort Entcs175 | Coord Entcs68 | Framework Foclasa06 | Intro ENTCS154 | Intro ENTCS175 | Intro ENTCS194 | Logop Entcs97 | Rbac Entcs128 | Respect Entcs180 | Respect Entcs194 | Simpa Entcs194
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science Aggregate Computing Forecast2016
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS Aggregate Alp4IOT2018
Expert Systems Spatialtuples Exsys35
F [top]
Fundamenta Informaticae Coord Fundamentainformaticae73
Future Generation Computer Systems opportunistic Aggregate2018
I [top]
Informatica Artifacts Informatica29
Information Sciences Aggregate Inf Sci2019 | Ecoservices Ins180
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering IJAOSE2017 | Selforg Ijaose2
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Argumentation Ijai S10
International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies (IJDST) Safe Ijdst17
International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications Ecosystems Jpcc7
J [top]
Journal of Functional Programming Polymorphism Jfp38
Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming Orchestration JLAP70
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming Aggregate JLamp2019
Journal of Object Technology Generics JOT10 | Intro JOT6
Journal of Simulation Alchemist Jos2013
Journal of Universal Computer Science Adaptation Jucs14 | Observation Jucs8
L [top]
LNCS Spatial Coordination2012
Lecture Notes Computer Science RVPPROMAS09
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Artifacts Argmas V | Bic E4mas I | Coord E4mas I | Operating Instructions Ac III
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Acc Aiia2005 | Actors Aggregate2018 | Aea Promas V | Aggregate Computing PRIMA2015 | Aggregate Computing SFM2016 | Ai Ifipbook2009 | Artifacts Promas III | Artifacts Selmas IV | Biochemicaltuplespace Coord09 | Cartago E4mas III | Casadei FOCLASA17trustedaggregate | Chemcoord Soarbook | Cognitivestigmergy E4mas III | Computationalfields Forte2015 | Coordination Aggregate Computing2018 | Coordination Gradients2017 | Coordination Processes2019 | Coordination Universality2018 | Field Calculus Share Coordination2019 | Forte HFC2019 | Gossiping Coordination2016 | Montagna-Serene2011 | Obs Coord02 | Sapereaose Emas I | Self Organising Regions Coordination2019 | Selforg Ceemas07 | Selforg E4mas III | Selforg Esoa III | Simpa Lads07 | Spatial Coordination2014 | Swarmlinda Lncs4676 | Swarmlinda Lncs4725 | Timed Coord05
Logical Methods in Computer Science Aggregate Computing LMCS2015
M [top]
Mobile Networks and Applications Sapere MONET2012
Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations Cartago Promasbook II
Multiagent and Grid Systems Aose Mags5
N [top]
Natural Computing Pattern Naco2012
Natural Computing Series sosnaturalcomputing2011
P [top]
Pervasive and Mobile Computing Sapere Pmc10Years
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Spacetime Rsta373
Procedia Computer Science Saperref Procedia7
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Interactions between Computer Science and Biology (CS2Bio'10) Bionet Cs2bio10
S [top]
SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International MSbionet Simulation2015
Science of Computer Programming Acc Scp63 | Aosesimulation Scp78 | Chemicalts Scp78 | Collectivesort Scp74 | Generics Scp73 | Orchestration Scp66 | Preface Scp66 | Preface Scp76 | SCPAggregate Computing2016 | SCPGradients2018 | SCPSapere2015 | SCPTrust2018 | Semcoord Scp78 | Simpa Scp76 | Spatial Computing Scp78
Scientific Annals of Computer Science SACS2012
Studies in Computational Intelligence Ecoservices Idc08 | Spatialtuples Idc2016
T [top]
The Computer Journal Generics Comp J46
The Knowledge Engineering Review Artifacts Ker21 | Environment Ker20 | Intro Ker25Years | Sapere Ker2016 | Selforgcoord Ker25years
U [top]
UbiComp '16 Aggregatecomputing Vlsubicomp16
Understanding Complex Systems Morpho Eng Book13
W [top]
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems Timed Wias5
jot Intro JOT3