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Accepted papers:

  • Roberto Casadei and Mirko Viroli: Collective Abstractions and Platforms for Large-Scale Self-Adaptive IoT (full paper)
  • Yuanqiu Mo, Jake Beal and Soura Dasgupta: An Aggregate Computing Approach to Self-Stabilizing Leader Election (full paper)
  • Mirko D'Angelo and Mauro Caporuscio: SA-Chord: a Self-Adaptive P2P Overlay Network (full paper)
  • Luca Sabatucci, Massimo Cossentino, Giada De Simone and Salvatore Lopes: Self-Reconfiguration of Shipboard Power Systems (full paper)
  • Karan Budhraja and Tim Oates: Improved Reverse Mapping for Controlling Swarms by Visual Demonstration (full paper)
  • Jeremy Pitt, Rui Cardoso, Emma Hart and Josiah Ober: Relevant Expertise Aggregation for Policy Selection in Collective Adaptive Systems (full paper)