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Alessandro Ricci's Journal & Series Index

The following page indexes Alessandro Ricci's publications in the APICe space by journal & series. Currently, the APICe space contains 86 Alessandro Ricci's publications on 38 journals and series.

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A [top]
AAMAS '19 ViTALiSE: Virtual to Augmented Loop in Smart Environments
ACM International Conference Proceeding simpA: An Agent-Oriented Approach for Prototyping Concurrent Applications on Top of Java
AGERE 2016 An Extension of AgentSpeak(L) and Jason Tailored to Programming and Software Development
AGERE! '12 Programming abstractions for integrating autonomous and reactive behaviors: an agent-oriented approach
AI & Society Augmented societies with mirror worlds
AI* IA 2011: Artificial Intelligence Around Man and Beyond An interaction-oriented agent framework for open environments
AI*IA Notizie Reasoning about Organisation: Shaping the Infrastructure
Enlightened Agents in TuCSoN
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing An Algebraic Approach for Modelling Organisation, Roles and Contexts in MAS
Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal Agent Coordination Contexts in a MAS Coordination Infrastructure
Multi-agent Infrastructures for Objective and Subjective Coordination
Infrastructure for RBAC-MAS: An Approach Based on Agent Coordination Contexts
Coordination Tools for MAS Development and Deployment
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine BDI Personal Medical Assistant Agents: The Case of Trauma Tracking and Alerting
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Artifacts in the A&A Meta-Model for Multi-Agent Systems
Environment Programming in Multi-Agent Systems – An Artifact-Based Perspective
Infrastructures for the Environment of Multiagent Systems
Mobile Apps as Personal Assistant Agents. The JaCa-Android Framework for Programming Agents-based applications on Mobile Devices
C [top]
CEUR Workshop Proceedings A Multiscale Agent-based Model of Morphogenesis in Biological Systems
simpA-WS: An Agent-Oriented Computing Technology for WS-based SOA Applications
Communications in Computer and Information Science A Calculus of Agents and Artifacts
E [top]
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Formal Specification and Enactment of Security Policies through Agent Coordination Contexts
Agens Faber: Toward a Theory of Artefacts for MAS
Designing a BPEL Orchestration Engine based on ReSpecT Tuple Centres
A Framework for Engineering Interactions in Java-based Component Systems
RBAC for Organisation and Security in an Agent Coordination Infrastructure
Prototyping Concurrent Systems with Agents and Artifacts: Framework and Core Calculus
Expert Systems Spatial Tuples: Augmenting Reality with Tuples
H [top]
Health Informatics Journal Real-time tracking and documentation in trauma management
I [top]
Informatica Coordination Artifacts: A Unifying Abstraction for Engineering Environment-Mediated Coordination in MAS
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Aggregate plans for multiagent systems
A&A for Modelling and Engineering Simulations in Systems Biology
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems Virtual Enterprises and Workflow Management as Agent Coordination Issues
International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies (IJDST) Towards a Mobile Augmented Reality System for Emergency Management: The Case of SAFE
International Journal on Advances in Software Agent-Oriented Computing: Agents as a Paradigm for Computer Programming and Software Development
Internet Technology Letters Hypermedia to connect them all autonomous hypermedia agents and sociotechnical interactions
J [top]
Journal of Medical Systems On the Integration of Agents and Digital Twins in Healthcare
Complementing agents with cognitive services: a case study in healthcare
Journal of Universal Computer Science An Adaptation Logic Framework for Java-based Component Systems
Modelling Agents as Observable Sources
L [top]
LNAI Formalising the Environment in MAS Programming: A Formal Model for Artifact-Based Environments
Lecture Notes Computer Science Formalising the Environment in MAS Programming: a Formal Model
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Use of Artifacts: Exploiting Relevant Information Residing in MAS Environments
“Exhibitionists” and “Voyeurs” do it better: A Shared Environment Approach for Flexible Coordination with Tacit Messages
Environment-Based Coordination Through Coordination Artifacts
Integrating and Orchestrating Services upon an Agent Coordination Infrastructure
Agent Interaction Semantics by Timed Operating Instructions
Lecture Notes in Computer Science An Organisation Infrastructure for Multi-Agent Systems based on Agent Coordination Contexts
MAS Organization within a Coordination Infrastructure: Experiments in TuCSoN
The A&A Programming Model and Technology for Developing Agent Environments in MAS
Multi-agent Systems Meet Aggregate Programming: Towards a Notion of Aggregate Plan
Agents, Intelligence, and Tools
Programming MAS with Artifacts
Coordination Artifacts as First-class Abstractions for MAS Engineering: State of the Research
Activity Theory as a Framework for MAS Coordination
An Agent-Oriented Conceptual Framework for Systems Biology
CArtAgO: A Framework for Prototyping Artifact-Based Environments in MAS
Cognitive Stigmergy: Towards a Framework Based on Agents and Artifacts
Embodied Organisations in MAS Environments
Objective vs. Subjective Coordination in Agent-based Systems: A Case Study
Implementing Over-sensing in Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems on top of Artifact-based Environments
simpA: A Simple Agent-Oriented Java Extension for Developing Concurrent Applications
Zooming Multi-Agent Systems
SODA: A Roadmap to Artefacts
Time-Aware Coordination in ReSpecT
A Personal Medical Digital Assistant Agent for Supporting Human Operators in Emergency Scenarios
A Personal Medical Digital Assistant Agent for Supporting Human Operators in Emergency Scenarios
Agent Coordination Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises and Workflow Management
tuProlog: A Light-weight Prolog for Internet Applications and Infrastructures
Distributed Workflow upon Linkable Coordination Artifacts
M [top]
Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations Environment Programming in CArtAgO
Coordination Infrastructures in the Engineering of Multiagent Systems
Multiagent and Grid Systems A Platform for Developing SOA/WS Applications as Open and Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems
S [top]
SPLASH '11 Workshops Designing a general-purpose programming language based on agent-oriented abstractions: the simpAL project
Science of Computer Programming Agent Coordination Contexts for the Formal Specification and Enactment of Coordination and Security Policies
Multi-agent Oriented Programming with JaCaMo
Engineering a BPEL Orchestration Engine as a Multi-agent System
simpA: An Agent-oriented Approach for Programming Concurrent Applications on top of Java
Multi-paradigm Java-Prolog Integration in tuProlog
Scientific Annals of Computer Science Standard Type Soundness for Agents and Artifacts
Studies in Computational Intelligence Spatial Tuples: Augmenting Physical Reality with Tuple Spaces
T [top]
The Knowledge Engineering Review Operating Instructions for Intelligent Agent Coordination
Environments in Multiagent Systems
U [top]
Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal Smart Environments as Agent Workspaces
W [top]
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems Timed Environment for Web Agents
WoT 2017 Mashing Up the Physical and Augmented Reality: The Web of Augmented Things Idea